7 ways financial institutions can turn their offices into a recruiting tool

Employee workspace expectations have changed. They want flexibility and mobility and a comfortable place to chill ... yes, with a pool table. But choose carefully because bowing to every trendy upgrade can backfire.

With the unemployment rate below 4%, it’s a tough hiring market right now. Banks and credit unions trolling for top talent to fill increasingly important data analytics, customer experience, and digital transformation positions need every edge they can get.

Think about it: we spend most of our lives working. A boring office space doesn’t help. Do you or your employees consider your place of employment a fun place to work? While the workspace may not trump the comp package, a financial institution’s office layout, design and overall vibe definitely can help attract and hold top talent.

If your workspace is coming up short, consider introducing some of these design elements that can bring people together to remain engaged and energized, without compromising privacy.


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