90 days of politics: Five ways to make an impact

It is no secret that Democrats are making a strong push to take the majority in the U.S. Senate. In the event of a Clinton Presidency, it would almost be a necessity to advance any significant agenda. Requiring a net gain of five seats for the, Democrats are in a strong position as they are only defending 10 seats to Republican’s 24. What this all adds up to is a battery of contentious, hard fought elections around the country, specifically, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. I would agree with the common analysis that control of the Senate could be won and lost in these states.

When it comes to the next 90 days of the election cycle, they kick off with the annual August Congressional recess. Here in Washington that means less traffic, easy seating in popular restaurants, and sweltering heat and humidity. Around the country, however, it means members that candidates will be in their home states campaigning full-tilt. During this period you will likely find many of them to be as responsive to issues as they will ever be. For credit unions, the next 90 days of politicking are a great time to take advantage of this responsiveness and push our issues to the fore. Here are five things you can do that can make an impact:

  1. Invite congressional candidates to come speak to your credit union or combine forces with other credit unions and invite candidates to speak to the group
  2. Attend a campaign event and approach the candidate on behalf of credit unions (have your 30 second talking points ready!)
  3. Encourage your republican and democratic volunteers to become involved in a candidate’s campaign, always emphasizing credit union positions
  4. Contribute money to a campaign, directly or through a PAC.
  5. Make sure you are registered and VOTE!

Of course, reach out to your leagues and national trade groups to coordinate efforts and hone your message. From now until the election will be the best time in the next two years to educate current and new members of Congress and get their attention! During presidential elections, and certainly this presidential election, it is easy to be focused on important national issues such as foreign policy, and defense. At the same time I urge everyone to also stay mindful of how down-ballot votes will influence our industry. Stay united, as only credit unions can, to ensure a future environment that allows us to be as effective as possible in fulfilling the credit union mission.

Daniel Mica

Daniel Mica

Dan Mica, former head of the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), established The DMA Group as a means to combine a myriad of experience into a one-stop consultancy. Elected in ... Web: www.dmagroupdc.com Details