A closer look at credit unions adding select employee groups in 2020

Our recent article, Analyzing Credit Unions’ 2020 SEG Additions provided insight into the types of Select Employee Groups (SEGs) federal credit unions have added recently. Now, let’s talk about the credit unions that were able to add SEGs in the year 2020. It’s important to note that asset size is a significant limiting factor as to how much a credit union is able to expand its Field of Membership. To address this, we’ve split our analysis into three asset categories:

                                           Small: Assets less than $100 million

                                           Medium: Assets between $100 million and $500 million

                                           Large: Assets greater than $500 million

These asset-size buckets are where we found comparable groups within the data. For each of these size ranges, we determined which credit unions had business development teams that were performing exceptionally in comparison to their available resources. We accomplished this by taking a closer look at the number of groups added and the total potential members added to their fields of membership. Asset sizes were determined by averaging the assets a credit union had at the time of their SEG additions and may not necessarily reflect the credit union’s current asset size.


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