A curated learning site is like salad

Getting lots of interesting tidbits is but one of five reasons to learn on CUES Learning Portal.

Every day, millions of Internet users log onto websites like Facebook and YouTubeWhile on these sites, they spend hours upon hours surfing for content to entertain and feed their hunger for information. These sites display articles, videos and pictures that are hosted on other places across the Internet. When websites compile content from external sources to their own location like this, they are known as curated sites.

CUES Learning PortalLinkedin, and CMO.com are some examples of education-focused curated sites that make online education easier than ever. Here are five good reasons to use curated sites rather than other methods of online learning:

1. A good curated site is home to diverse content.

Like a fully loaded salad, the best educational websites are filled with a variety of tasty tidbits. However, most websites host content from a small number of their own creators, leaving little room for diversity. With fewer authors, you get a smaller assortment of thoughts, ideas and opinions. In contrast, curated sites overcome this limitation by compiling information from multiple sources across the internet, so a wide range of authors can be presented in one location. For example, you could find Harvard Business Review articles written by Ph.D.s or TED Talks with unique opinions on popular issues. With these various voices, you will surely learn something different every time you visit.


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