A financial experiment without yelling

Learn why CU Times' executive editor is so impressed by a commercial from a new financial institution, Aspiration.

I’ll admit that I enjoy watching locally-produced commercials. I’m not sure who decided that giant yellow or red letters were mandatory to sell cars or furniture. There’s some kind of strange and awkward entertainment value for me watching this one particular local car dealer wave a U.S. flag around and screaming at me about the great deals on Ford trucks while he’s driving a tank over old cars. This particular commercial series always ends with a U.S. flag fading into the background as he salutes (still yelling), “AS ALWAYS, WE PROUDLY SUPPORT AND SERVE OUR VETERANS!”

OK, message received. This car dealer has obviously done some market research and knows what the central part of the state wants to hear. He knows his audience loves the following: The U.S. flag, large fonts, the military and I guess trucks. Although that last item is literally the least-seen thing in the commercial.

Local commercials like this one are exactly the reason I enjoy logging onto the Hulu streaming service when I travel. Also, it’s why I don’t pay the extra money each month to not show commercials – I want to see them!


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