A guide to referral marketing CX/UX

by: Gillian Smith

Part 1 – Helping Your Customers Get The Most Out Of Referral Marketing

Imagine the scene. You’re finishing up some work at your desk, approving budgets for next quarter’s marketing campaigns about to knock off for the day when your phone rings. It’s one of your marketing coordinators who’s in charge of a recently launched online referral program that you approved. They are calling to ask some questions about some of the details of how the referral marketing program works. You don’t know the answers either and it means that you’ll have to get on the call with a support rep at your referral vendor. Again.

Chances are that if marketing professionals have trouble wrapping their heads around a referral program, end users will too.

Designing a user-friendly online referral program does not need to be a difficult feat. There are a few things to keep in mind when creating your referral program. First, let’s look at two questions you should keep in mind as you start laying out your program:

  1. Do your customers really know what referral programs and referral marketing are?
  2. Do you and your customers have the same end results in mind?
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