Act like a dog!

I’m a dog guy. I had one growing up. We got one for the family almost four years ago. Since then Mazy has been a big part of our lives. She’s a happy dog, always wants to play, is willing to fetch a tennis ball for as long as my arm holds out throwing it and has been a blessing to our family since we got her as a puppy. She looks like a lab, but is a pure mutt.

In my pursuit of interesting blog topics, I started thinking about how a mortgage loan originator could be memberlicious by acting like a dog. Here’s what I came up with…..

Mazy is excited every time I come home whether I’ve been gone 30 minutes or 3 days. She jumps on me and wants to give me kisses. Now I’m not suggesting you kiss your borrowers, but be excited every time your borrower contacts you. Never miss the opportunity to show the borrower that you are excited they choose you to help them with their home ownership needs.

Mazy is loyal. She follows us around the house and likes to be in the room where we are at. She wants to be a part of the family and her loyalty shows. Be loyal to your borrowers. By this I mean follow up with them promptly, help them understand the process and be helpful along the way. All signs of great loyalty.

Mazy is protective. She makes sure our family is safe by barking at strangers, especially ones who walk by the front of the house when she is sunning herself in the front window. Or when she sees a fly in the house she goes crazy, barking until we get rid of the pest. Make sure your borrower is safe during the mortgage process. We do mortgage loans everyday. Your borrower doesn’t. It probably causes them some anxiety. You can be there for them by making them feel comfortable and safe. You don’t need to bark, but make sure you get them a good appraisal, a good inspection and they don’t get taken advantage of during the process.

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