Activating NorthCountry’s vision with data and analytics

Data and analytics tie into everything that Vermont-based NorthCountry Federal Credit Union does and the goals they want to reach for their community. Partnering with AdvantEdge Digital is one of the first steps NorthCountry has taken on the path to analytics maturity. In this episode, we’re talking with NorthCountry’s Bob Morgan, and AdvantEdge Digital’s Aaron Grossman. They’ll walk through lessons learned and best practices implemented so far in the credit union’s journey to leverage data for a better understanding of members and the insights to deliver the products and services they most want.

Key Takeaways:

  • [11:52] Data and analytics is a program and framework of how you can drive your organization. If it is not tied to a business initiative or that question you are trying to solve then it is not going to tie into the overall growth of your organization.
  • [13:00] Be agile. Fail fast, learn from your mistakes, and you have to take time to celebrate the wins. It takes time, it does not happen overnight. You have to allow for bumps in the road and you have to use them as learning experiences.
  • [14:56] The data journey and becoming competent in data and analytics is at least as much a cultural issue for an organization as it is a technological one. 
  • [16:01] Ask your peers and fellow credit unions what they are doing with data and analytics.


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