Adopting a culture in the cloud

When an organization transitions to the cloud, the process is often viewed as an IT function, and while the transition and management of the cloud adoption falls under the purview of IT, it ultimately impacts an entire organization. Transitioning from an on-premise infrastructure to the cloud affects every department and requires the buy-in of everyone for it to be successful.

Understanding the value of the cloud

We often say that the tech is the easy part – it’s the required culture change that is the challenge. Organizations that successfully transition to the cloud have developed strategies, plans and training that are inclusive of all teams so that all employees feel comfortable, secure and more productive

According to an article in Forbes, “While aspects around the speed, flexibility, scalability and agility that cloud provides can be measured, cloud also enables innovation due to these inherent features. Innovation as a process cannot be quantified. However, it can be a significant competitive advantage for organizations and can even lead to market disruption and, thereby, immense tangible value.”


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