Advocacy and partnership: The mission and vision for America’s Credit Unions

America’s Credit Unions formed January 1st of this year following the member-approved merger of the Credit Union National Association and the National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions. Just days into the New Year, the Board of Directors of America’s Credit Unions has been busy, meeting several times and settling on the mission that will guide the association forward.

The mission of America’s Credit Unions is to advocate for and advance an environment where credit unions thrive.

This mission is complemented by our overarching vision: people everywhere trust and partner with credit unions to help them afford and achieve their best lives.

The mission makes it clear: Advocacy is our top priority. America’s Credit Unions is committed to fighting for a legislative and regulatory environment that allows credit unions to grow. The newly formed association is already fighting against unnecessary regulatory burdens and other attacks, while advocating for policies that allow credit unions to best serve their nearly 140 million members. With this guiding principle, the North Star of the organization, the credit union voice will be even stronger and have even more influence in Washington and across the country.

Our vision statement, rooted in our industry’s cooperative principles, outlines our aspirations for the future. Credit unions are the backbone of the American economy. No matter how big or small, credit unions play an outsized and integral role in every community across our nation. While big banks continue to place profits first, we know that credit unions work for everyday Americans. Our vision, while aspirational, is also achievable. Together, our collective success will lead us to a world where consumers look to credit unions as their preferred financial partner – a partner that cares about them, their personal goals, and their future, not their profit potential.

Earlier this year, America’s Credit Unions President and CEO Jim Nussle outlined to Congress how his team will prioritize the protection of the credit union tax exemption, hold federal regulators accountable, protect and empower consumers, and modernize opportunities for all credit unions. In other words, the staff at America’s Credit Unions is here to work hard for credit unions, while we work hard for our members.

As the Board Chair for America’s Credit Unions, I vow to you that I, and the entire Transition Board, remain committed to holding this team accountable, ensuring that every step of the way they stay true to fulfilling our mission – this year and beyond. The Board and I had the pleasure of meeting with Jim and his Executive Leadership Team in Washington this month, and I am confident they will not only remain focused on our mission and vision but will build this new organization in a manner where every employee at America’s Credit Unions will do the same.

Whether you’re a member or not, I urge you to engage with America’s Credit Unions. Feedback from you and our community of leaders will only enhance the organization’s ability to provide the strongest advocacy voice for our industry, and collectively live and achieve our mission.


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Brian Schools

Brian Schools

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