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Taking a leave of absence

There are times when an employee needs to get away from it all. And it’s not for a beach or a mountain vacation. Rather, it’s for a medical or family situation that requires [...]

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Why insurance may help you feel better

Just imagining a scenario in which you can’t pay your bills is stressful. Now imagine how stressful it would be if you really can’t pay a bill. One’s mental health could be [...]

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The basics of supplemental health insurance

An accident, a critical illness, or an extended hospital stay are unexpected events that can turn your world upside down. Thankfully, when that happens, your medical insurance can kick in to help with your recovery. [...]

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Women: Be the financial decision maker you were born to be

A lot of work goes into running a household. It’s the culmination of many different skills: good organization, thoughtful time management, and careful financial management. The numbers prove it However, women spend more time [...]

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Back to school on a budget

A June 2022 survey reports that 25 percent of students and their parents are already on the hunt for books, backpacks and other items.1 The average amount each household plans to spend on these [...]

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The psychology of overspending

Money doesn’t buy happiness, so why do we treat it like it does? We’ve all done it. We buy something we think will make us happy. Sometimes it brings us a measure of [...]

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Securian Financial reports strong 2019

Securian Financial announced preliminary 2019 financial results at its annual all-company meeting last week, highlighted by strong revenue growth and increased community giving. “In 2019, we delivered excellent operating performance consistent with our 140-year history [...]

Securian Financial proclaimed a Beyond the Yellow Ribbon company

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, leaders of the Minnesota National Guard, Securian Financial service members and veterans, and other distinguished guests celebrated Securian Financial’s official proclamation as a Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Company at a [...]