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Tips on caring for an aging parent

As the population ages, more caregivers are stepping up to meet their growing needs. If you have an older family member, you might be the one who cares for them — or might soon be caring [...]

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How to teach teens about finances

It is imperative to teach your teens about the facts of finances. Here's what you'll want to keep in mind. U.S. schools teach students algebra, calculus and trigonometry, but schools in only 21 states [...]

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How to teach young children about finances

Parents, you want what’s best for your children. So, at a very young age, you start instilling in them lessons that will last a lifetime. For example, you know that giving them a steady [...]

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How to create an estate plan for your digital life

You have probably given estate planning a lot of thought. You might have created a will or living trust. Perhaps you’ve made an inventory of your possessions and outlined your accounts. But have you [...]

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Retirement prep and life in your 60s: what you need to know

Is retirement on your doorstep? Are you recently retired? Here are some considerations and tips as you wade into the retirement waters. An important step to gearing up for retirement is figuring out all your [...]

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5 steps to building an emergency fund

Having some extra funds available for emergencies is an essential component of your overall financial well-being, with enough cash to cover three to six months of expenses being a common recommendation. For many people, though, [...]

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Securian Financial reports strong 2019

Securian Financial announced preliminary 2019 financial results at its annual all-company meeting last week, highlighted by strong revenue growth and increased community giving. “In 2019, we delivered excellent operating performance consistent with our 140-year history [...]

Securian Financial proclaimed a Beyond the Yellow Ribbon company

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, leaders of the Minnesota National Guard, Securian Financial service members and veterans, and other distinguished guests celebrated Securian Financial’s official proclamation as a Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Company at a [...]