Members want a better financial safety net

When it comes to personal finances, what matters most to individuals and families is similar across the generations: credit union members want a better financial safety net.

In 2020, Securian conducted a credit union research project with an eye on how to help credit unions:

  • Rediscover how their current members are their best advocates
  • Leverage generational insights to keep and grow their membership base now and in the future   
  • Understand and address lending and protection needs and preferences of members

In July of 2020, as part of the project, we conducted an online survey targeting credit union members to gain insights on their:

  • Financial priorities and concerns
  • Relationship with their credit union
  • Preferences in membership and lending solutions
  • Familiarity and use of lending protection products 

By using this survey data, you can balance what has made your business model a success, with emerging trends in member concerns, behaviors, and preferences. 

Watch our presentation today! And gain a better understanding of the financial concerns and priorities facing your members – and discover some of the programs you can offer to meet member needs across all generations.

Kristi Nelson

Kristi Nelson

Kristi Nelson leads Lending Solutions at Securian Financial. Her team helps credit unions improve their digital lending experience with credit protection products. She is a Fellow in the Society of ... Web: Details