Dear Manager, thank you for being self aware

by Carol Schillios, Schillios Consulting & Fabric of Life

This morning when we spoke about a challenge I faced, you came across with judgmental tone. You saw me go silent, you paused a moment, then self-revealed out loud, “Whoa, my tone just sounded quite judgmental to me … did it sound that way to you too?”

I immediately relaxed because it meant you were self-aware enough to catch your ineffective tone. AND you were courageous enough to ask me if I heard it. The rest of our conversation helped me become more self observant, less defensive and much more open to acknowledging my own weaknesses. This has no doubt strengthened our trusting two-way feedback relationship. Thank you for that.

Our work team just finished reading Emotional Intelligence and the book referred to self-awareness as mindfulness. Thank you for creating a work environment in which it feels safe to speak up because you are mindful not only of yourself, but those around you.

For example, at last week’s staff meeting when Susie kept interrupting everyone, you gently held her accountable by asking her to let others finish their thoughts before adding hers. Through that action you let us know that all opinions are valued and that you have our backs. Your self-awareness and mindfulness of others, creates a culture of interpersonal safety at work. Thank you for that.

Finally, thank you for emulating the ancient Greek philosophy that knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom.


Your employee

Carol Schillios

Carol Schillios

Carol Schillios is a maverick change-maker. Her passion for credit unions spans 4 decades as a master trainer and keynote speaker at state, national and international events. She’s a ... Details