Afraid your credit union technology team won’t survive a disaster?

by: Michele Dowis

Here’s the scenario – your Credit Union’s Business Impact Analysis is complete and there are a high number of systems noted for immediate recovery. But your credit union technology team is small. Resource needs to manage the environment on a daily basis validate the size of your staff. However, when you consider the impact of a disaster, there’s a need to at least double the staff to support and recover. There’s no way to have staff on “reserve”. So what can you do to the production environment to better support the credit union daily as well as in a disaster?

We believe that cloud and managed services provide the necessary support to turn your disaster into a “win”! And here’s why:

  • Not only is the Cloud a great solution for critical applications day to day, but at time of a Disaster, it’s one less thing to worry about. Those applications that reside in the credit union cloud are not impacted by your local server outage.
  • During a disaster, the onsite credit union technology team may need to be setting up alternate workstations, locations, connectivity and even password resets. With a clouded service, the infrastructure would already be in place. Your infrastructure is in the cloud being expertly managed and your IT Team can focus on user support and general credit union activities. Supported end users provide much better service to your members!
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