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Laserfiche leadership makes predictions for 2024

At Laserfiche we’re always looking forward. As such, our leadership team continually evaluates the latest trends and how we can best position our organization and its customers for the future of work.

Here’s what some members of our executive team here at Laserfiche have to say about what to look forward to in 2024:

Karl Chan, CEO

Top challenges for CEOs: Economic uncertainty has been a concern since before COVID, and now there are multiple high-visibility geopolitical conflicts that have added to that concern. All CEOs in 2024 will have to navigate this uncertain landscape and the decisions that come with it — such as how to manage budgets or predict revenue and spending with the possibility of rising interest rates; how to do business in other regions and more. Additionally, we’ve seen a lot of investment in automation, digital transformation and AI over the past few years — in 2024, we’ll see CEOs taking a hard look at ROI for these initiatives. For AI especially, the initial excitement is starting to subside, so business leaders are going to be looking at if and when they start to use AI in their business, and how to measure success.


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