American Consumer Council fuels credit unions and debates with NCUA on SEG issues – ACC’s Tom Hinton explains


by: Mike Lawson

You may not have heard of the American Consumer Council — you have now. Or may have already. These folks have nearly 150,000 members nationwide and are a direct conduit to credit unions, fueling the industry with potential members. It is one of the largest consumer organizations in the nation.

So we invited the ACC’s (not Atlantic Coast Conference) President/CEO Tom Hinton on the show to discover more about this organization, which happens to be in San Diego. So naturally, I ventured down the freeway to ACC’s HQ and interviewed Tom on how this organization benefits consumers and some of its current issues — one of those dealing with the NCUA on associational SEG issues.

We get to the bottom of this issue and more with Tom. So take a few minutes and enjoy our chat with Tom and see how this group can help grow your credit union.


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