An advisory council for college students, by college students

At Harvard University Employees Credit Union, a council of five students helps the cooperative manage messages to undergrads.

To serve the needs and wants of young members, credit unions — especially college- and university-affiliated ones — must constantly re-evaluate these members’ financial knowledge, awareness, and preferences. For Harvard University Employees Credit Union($780.9M, Cambridge, MA), it goes directly to the source for this information.

The credit union serves the students, alumni, and faculty of Harvard University. For the past nine months, it has consulted with its newly formed Student Advisory Councilon matters of financial education programming, university engagement events, student banking services, and more. The insight of the council helps the credit union remain relevant in the eyes of Harvardians.

Here, Migdalia Gomez, community engagement manager at HUECU, discusses what prompted the credit union to create the council, how the council operates, and what improvements the council has helped the credit union implement.


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