An FI’s guide to young people: Passing the generational “vibe check”

Do you ever feel behind the times and that you could use a guide for younger millennials, Gen Z, and beyond, notably when it comes to their banking habits? Unless you have been out of touch for a while, it’s not a new revelation that focusing on the customer experience should be your top priority. To be blunt, people have a lot of choices these days and it’s up to you to prove your worth, especially with the up-and-coming generations who are fully immersed in all things digital (can you imagine never having a landline?) Further, these generations operate with the “you get one chance” mentality because unlike their predecessors, their choices are boundless. The “everybody gets a trophy” folks you may have once chuckled at are now slowly dominating the industry, and it’s showing no signs of losing steam.

So, what do you do?

Speaking the language of the aforementioned younger generations, how do you become “on fleek” while still passing the “vibe check” for all generations? Follow along for some tips on relating to and communicating with today’s young people that will surely end up “living rent-free” in your head.

Tip #1: Meet Them Where They Are

You get one guess as to where that is – their phone. Everything that can possibly be done on a phone, they want to do on a phone. How’s your mobile website looking? Do you have an app? Can accounts be opened easily and can money be moved quickly? Is there a chat function? Mobile phones and devices are quite literally the one line in and out to a young person. This is where they connect, gain information, and seek entertainment. If you aren’t adding some level of value to one of those areas, you are missing out on a massive chance to gain new customers.


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