An update on where ADA litigation threat stands

In the face of ongoing legal threats, credit unions are spending money to make adjustments to their websites so as to make them more accessible to those with disabilities and to also stay out of attorneys’ crosshairs.

Yet that’s not a guarantee CUs won’t end up as defendants in such lawsuits, anyway.

As CUToday.infohas extensively reported, credit unions across the nation have been hit with a rash of lawsuits over alleged violations by their websites of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). The CU cases are now in the hundreds, and some experts have estimated that ADA cases are being filed at a rate of three- to four-dozen per day nationally. Yet despite a number of recent wins by credit unions in courtrooms, the industry is prepared for a long, drawn-out battle, sources indicate.

As reported here, one attorney recently offered a group of credit unions an update on the litigation and the steps she said it would be wise to take.


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