Apple’s Siri can’t hold a candle to Kasisto’s financially savvy, virtual banking specialist – Kasisto’s Zor Gorelov explains


by: Mike Lawson

In our continuing coverage of cool financial technology services, this time around we are featuring Kasisto — which augments mobile financial applications by enabling intelligent conversations using the perfect mix of speech, text, and touch interfaces. To dig a bit deeper on how this technology can benefit credit unions, we invited Kasisto’s Co-founder and CEO Zor Gorelov on the show.

Zor discusses how his product leverages deep speech, natural language, and artificial intelligence technologies from SRI
International — the birthplace of the Internet, computer mouse, electronic banking, and Apple’s Siri. With Kasisto’s virtual banking specialists, members will be able to interact with their credit unions through intelligent conversations on any device. This accessibility greatly enhances the convenience and cool factor of your CU.

For more details on how this intelligent technology can benefit your credit union, watch our interview with Mr. Gorelov and let us know your thoughts on virtual agents.


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