Apply a futurist mindset to your data environment

Data transformation should not be rushed, least of all by technology.

The lack of a definitive strategy is the single largest barrier to data transformation. Without a detailed roadmap, credit unions can easily go off course in what can be a highly complex journey.

While a strategy-first approach to data analytics is paramount, it’s impossible to ignore the importance technology and system architecture play in analytics success.

As credit unions develop a roadmap for analytics implementation, it’s helpful to consider their data environment with a futurist mindset. That can be difficult, especially in today’s highly saturated marketplace. With hundreds of vendors pushing countless data and analysis products designed for today’s business, it can be hard to pick up the true signal from all the noise. Often, credit unions that jump into purchasing technology too quickly find their data program’s growth stunted.

CUES member Rob Keatts experienced the pains of inflexible data technology when he joined Chartway Federal Credit Union, Virginia Beach, Virginia, in 2016.


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