Are we as bad as other mortgage originators?

Recently, Callahan & Associates presented their quarterly Trendwatch webinar. They crunch all the call report data and discuss Credit Union performance. I look forward to this information each quarter as I’m always anxious to see how memberlicious we were with mortgage loans.

I’m especially interested this quarter because we’ve all read the industry reports of the end of the refinance boom. Mortgage volume is way down. So are mortgage banking profits at the major banks. Layoffs are way up.

So did Credit Unions perform as poorly (in a comparative sense to prior quarters) as the rest of the mortgage banking industry?

Well, I am pleased to report that in my analysis of their information, we had another strong quarter of helping members with home ownership. The Callahan chart in the webinar compares year-to-date originations year-over-year. I prefer to look at comparisons of individual quarters.

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