Are you recharging your services?

My office recently purchased some upgraded devices to replace aging computer technology. One of those which drew the short straw was an original iPad. Yes, the big heavy one made in 2010. Or, for kids today, “the iPad that doesn’t take selfies.” It still works as well as it did on release day, but it’s unable to keep up with the needs of our office. In essence, the world got faster, but it stayed the same.

During its later days, the iPad was hardly even being used. I had to leave it plugged in for 24 hours before it had enough charge to boot. Frankly, I’m surprised it even came back on. But, it did, and after restoring it as new, it is now waiting for me to figure out how to best embrace its capabilities. A digital picture frame? Perhaps. A mobile streaming music player? Maybe.

While it sat, the charge slowly diminished. The battery stayed strong for a while, then as dis-use took its toll, began to fall flat. By the time it had reached 0%, it was so ignored that no one even noticed. We never even saw the numerous low battery warnings.

Since you’re a regular reader of the Credit Union Geek, you know where this is going. Yes, to the credit unions!

Let’s imagine a new service or offering as this iPad when we first got it. When your staff is engaging with it, talking to members, and otherwise “recharging” the service, you find success. Members flock to the concept, management is happy, and the figurative charge remains strong. After some time, the novelty wears off, and it sits idle more often than not. MSRs don’t “charge” (talk about) the service, and the battery (performance) diminishes. What attracted 500 members a month now catches the eye of barely 100. “Is this service worth our continued effort?” the department vice president asks. Yes! If you plug it in and get re-engaged.

You don’t let your essential electronics sit in idle, wasting away valuable battery. You plug them in to recharge. It’s the same with your credit union’s services. If the staff isn’t regularly “plugging it in”, results will suffer and interest will wane. It’s how you go from a knockout campaign to a lackluster afterthought.

What’s the percent charge on your credit union’s services?

Joe Winn

Joe Winn

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