As the economy retrenches, will consumers’ expectations for innovation & digital services recede too

In a word: No! Alternative: ((Don’t hold your breath!)) or.. ((Not damn likely!)

It’s no secret, our industry is being forced to innovate in a financial climate very different than that of the past several decades. The era of cheap money is over. Heck, we may even be witnessing the end of the electronic dollar, an even more enduring epoch. What does all this mean? How can your institution meet and exceed consumer demands for digital innovations in such challenging times?

Every organization needs a sound strategic map. One dedicated to the use of data and digital connection to community to advance operational innovation, especially when money and time are getting tight!

Have your recent Board or management team meetings felt like a scene from a Hollywood natural disaster movie? You know the one where an asteroid is hurling toward Earth, coming in hot, and everyone is scrambling to concoct plans to survive? Maybe it feels like we just lived the scene where the band of international astronauts fail to meet the threat in space (i.e., US Fed, European Central Bank, and Chinese Central Bank getting it ‘wrong’ on inflation and currency).


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