Attempts to solve the robocall problem frustrating for everyone

FCC’s latest effort is a declaratory ruling and request for comment.

Your phone rings. You don’t recognize the number, but you assume it’s a local call because it’s from your area code and the first three numbers are the same as your telephone number. However, when you answer, a very helpful recording alerts you to a great interest rate reduction program related to an unspecified loan, offers assistance with a student loan you don’t have, warns how you can avoid an impending arrest for violating the Internal Revenue Code, or provides a fantastic opportunity to sell your home at a great price to some unknown investor for cash.

So you block these numbers and stop answering your phone unless the calls come from your established contacts, resulting in you missing calls that might be important.

The frustration with telemarketing and scam calls led to the passage of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, but the problems escalated. No laws, legal opinions or actions taken by the Federal Communications Commission since the TCPA’s passage have solved the problems, reduced the frustration or stemmed the tide of litigation.


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