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- by Alan Bergstrom, Aux

CUSOs: People helping the people who help the people

What is a CUSO and why should I care? CUSOs (Credit Union Service Organizations) are corporate entities that are owned by either federally chartered, federally insured, or state-chartered credit unions—...

- by Alan Bergstrom, Aux

Data analytics in a post-pandemic world

In March of 2022, we finalized our findings from a nation-wide credit union executives survey on the importance of data analytics in a “post-pandemic” world. Most experts and organizations alike ...

- by Alan Bergstrom, Aux

To merge or not to merge: What is a credit union to do?

The subject of mergers has once again grabbed the headlines. As might be expected, during COVID-19, the pace of mergers dropped from pre-pandemic activity. But recently the number of planned ...