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- by Dinny Lechman, 2020 Analytics

Consumer lending trends for 2022

The pandemic has impacted credit unions in many ways, some expected and some unexpected. While uncertainties in the economy remain, like the threat of new COVID variants, inflationary concerns affecting ...

- by Dinny Lechman, 2020 Analytics

Why FICO scores are up

After a year since COVID struck the U.S., FICO credit scores are up—a lot. For the past decade, the average FICO score has grown at around one point ...

- by Dinny Lechman, 2020 Analytics

Three takeaways from the Q1 NCUA data

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) released its Q1 2021 data. Here are some key performance indicators: Total loans outstanding increased $49 billion, or 4.4%, over the year ending ...