The latest from Jim Nussle

- by Jim Nussle, America's Credit Unions and Renée Sattiewhite, AACUC

Credit unions go above and beyond for those banks leave behind

Credit unions will never apologize for putting people over profit. For-profit financial institutions are responsible to their shareholders, our industry is committed to—and responsible for—Americans reaching financial freedom. ...

- by Jim Nussle, America's Credit Unions

Credit unions are a safe harbor

As consumers grapple with the news of the second largest bank failure in U.S. history—followed by another related bank shut down—credit unions remain focused on keeping consumers’ ...

- by Jim Nussle, America's Credit Unions

August means advocacy

All around the country, August often means time with friends at barbeques, going on vacations and preparing for the kids to head back to school. Here in Washington, D.C., ...