Back-of-card signatures no longer required, MasterCard declares

Eliminating signatures is an important part of the shift to more secure technologies such as EMV and contactless payments.

Credit unions and other card issuers may be adjusting their card designs soon, because Mastercard will no longer require signatures on the backs of its cards, the company has announced.

Starting in April 2019, Mastercard issuers around the world will no longer have to put a signature panel on the backs of their Mastercard products, according to the company.

The news follows Mastercard’s announcement a year ago that it would abandon requiring cardholder signatures at checkout. That change took effect last April.

“With modern, advanced forms of authentication now available, removing the requirement for signature capture at the point of sale and now signature panels on Mastercard cards is an important step in support of our digital evolution,” Mastercard EVP of U.S. Merchants and Acceptance Linda Kirkpatrick said. “Issuers, merchants and cardholders will benefit from this change as faster, safer options improve satisfaction and increase sales.”


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