Back to school: The unexpected link between education and finances

With summer’s sweet memories fading and the echoes of children’s laughter at the park growing distant, it’s that time of the year again: back to school. Parents across the country are armed with school supply lists, ensuring their kids have everything from the right number of pencils to the most fashionable backpack. Yet, amidst this hustle, there lies an untapped avenue of preparation that often gets overlooked – laying the groundwork for financial literacy.

A journey begins with a single cent

When we think of school, subjects like math, science, literature, and art come to mind. But where does financial education fit into this puzzle? Just as we wouldn’t send our kids to school without their books, we shouldn’t send them into the world without basic financial knowledge.

Studies show that financial habits form between the ages of 7 and 9. So, as kids buckle down to learn multiplication tables or the nuances of grammar, why not introduce them to the world of saving, spending, and budgeting?

Why credit unions should be involved

Credit unions, with their foundational principles of community and education, are uniquely positioned to play a pivotal role here. Offering workshops or school outreach programs on basic money concepts can be a start. This not only serves as a way to give back but also aligns with the very ethos of credit unions.

Back to school: More than just academics

The preparation for a new school year is as much about academic readiness as it is about personal growth and life skills. As parents tick items off their school supply list, they should also consider the invaluable ‘supplies’ not mentioned there – lessons in responsibility, the value of hard work, and yes, money management.

A practical way to start is by involving kids in back-to-school shopping. Give them a budget for their supplies or clothes and let them make decisions, weighing what they want versus what they need. It’s a simple yet effective way to introduce the concept of budgeting.

The bigger picture

It’s not just about money. It’s about preparing our young minds for the challenges of adulthood. Financial literacy is empowerment. It’s the tool that can help them face real-world challenges, make informed decisions, and lead a balanced life.

In closing, as we stand at the cusp of a new academic year, let’s pledge to ensure our kids get a holistic education. An education that not only prepares them for exams but also for the exam of life. And to all credit unions reading this, you have the power to be that beacon of financial wisdom for our young generation. Let’s harness it, for their future and ours.

Interested in learning more about how your credit union can effectively communicate with families of Generation Alpha kids? Check out Kiddie Kredit and request a demo on how we can help effectively educate on financial topics (especially credit), establish positive habits, and help your CU establish early accounts.

Evan Leaphart

Evan Leaphart

As the creator of Kiddie Kredit, Evan is serious about teaching children and their families to have honest conversations about credit. Kiddie Kredit is a mobile chore tracking app designed ... Web: Details