Yes, the summer flew by. And with the end of summer comes back-to-school. As parents re-start the routine of another school year and kids say goodbye to lazy summer days, this provides us some great opportunity to support our communities by supporting our schools. A few ideas include:

  • Financial Education – Many credit unions offer financial education, which is a great way to help your community and raise awareness for your credit union.  And it’s never too early to start. If you currently focus on older grades, consider expanding to middle school and elementary grade levels
  • Unsecured technology loans – Providing loans for technology, such as a laptop, is a great avenue to provide your members (and potential members) valuable tools with minimal risk
  • Sponsorships – PTAs, Scouts, sports teams and clubs are constantly looking for funding for their needs.  A small sponsorship from you will make a huge difference to these organizations
  • Work Day – Most schools would be ecstatic to have help sprucing up their buildings and grounds.  A half day of your employees’ time would be a welcome the extra hands
  • Teachers – Let’s not forget the teachers and administrators!  A small gesture like bringing in donuts or lunch will let them know how much we appreciate their role in shaping our community’s future

Let’s help our schools, students, parents and teachers enjoy a successful school year, all while gaining great publicity for our credit union!

Joe Karlin

Joe Karlin

Joe Karlin has worked with or at credit unions his entire career.  Starting as a CPA with Deloitte and Touche, he audited credit unions, corporates, and leagues.  Joe spent nearly ... Details

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