Recently I was speaking with some directors of a credit union. One of them wanted to know what the secret to the successes of my career was. 

I replied that we were there. 

This reply was met with stunned silence.  Then they asked, “How could simply being there lead to the tremendous growth and substantial market share you experienced?”

I went on to explain.

We were there for our members. In good times and bad. We were there. We worked with members to improve their credit scores. We helped them create savings and spending plans. We provided assistance and guidance during births and deaths. We provided loans to start businesses, acquire dream homes and first cars.

We were there for our team members (internal members). We were there and shared their pain during their illnesses, domestic issues and losses. We were there and shared their joy in promotions, graduations, healing and other joyous successes. We were there encouraging their continued education and professional advancement.

We were there for our communities. We attended public meetings over air pollution in neighborhoods. We initiated meetings to enhance public safety. We counseled regularly with our elected officials – local, county, state and federal. We were there for parades, school award ceremonies, Little League opening days, Change of Command ceremonies, Chamber of Commerce events and other special events. We were there for non-profit organizations, providing leadership, volunteers and financial support. We welcomed Girl and Boy Scout troops to our offices to enhance their education. We provided financial literacy to schools, non-profits, business partners and members.

But it was not enough to be there once. We had to be there consistently to demonstrate our commitment to our members, team members and communities.

As you can see, being there is simple, and difficult. It is also far from dormant. In fact, it is a vigorous way of life. To be there you must exhibit the following:

T – Trustworthy – To truly be there requires the trust of others. This can only be gained over time by doing the right thing, time and time again. Walk the walk.

H – Honesty – Obviously, in our industry, honesty is a must regarding transactions and the protection of members’ assets. Being there requires an authentic organization or person. You can’t fake being there. People will know.

E – Engaged – Commitment to the cause is required and will develop further relationships.

R – Responsible – Ownership and accountability for mistakes can never be in question. Admit to and fix errors without negatively impacting others.

E – Encouraging – Inspire others to achieve success.

Given the events of 2020, are you there for your members, community, and team?

David Clendaniel

David Clendaniel

David Clendaniel is an inspirational and strategic leader that translates business strategies into programs and products to improve the quality of life for members, employees, and community. After being raised ... Web: Details