Be well? How about be real?

When I need a quick trip to a drugstore to pick up some Advil, a late night prescription or a candy bar I often run by Walgreens. It’s extremely convenient and you can get what you want most of the time.

As part of their branding efforts, employees have recently started saying “be well” after your transaction. It’s catchy and pithy. It also ties to their historical roots that they claim on their site as being “America’s premier pharmacy.”

But is it real? The challenge with that employee brand message is in its execution. For example, sometimes employees say it half heartedly (almost like “I’m sick of saying this, but be well”). Sometimes employees say it with cynicism (almost like “I don’t believe it, but be well”). Sometimes employees say it with a whisper (almost like “please don’t make me say this again, but be well”). And sometimes employees say it with a sincere attitude (almost like “I genuinely want you to be well”).

What are the lessons credit unions can learn from Walgreens and their employee “be well” saying?

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