Becoming an exemplary leader: a lifelong adventure

by: Deedee Myers

Adventure is part of my life. I can honestly say that every day uncovers unexpected adventure. Being a mother of a large family, a CEO of a leadership consulting organization, and just completing my doctorate degree this year has been a phenomenal adventure over the last few years.

Many days have been challenging. The tough days require that I go back to the foundation of what it means to be a leader and reflect on how I am living my vision of being a leader. In my professional life, there is an expected perspective of the role of leadership. I must ask myself how others see my role, what others need of me, and wonder how I can generate success for others. These and many more questions are what form the way my day is organized.

There is, however another version of leadership that is foundational before the role of leadership. That is “how we lead our own lives.” During those moments of challenge and of opportunity, I remind myself to pause and assess. How am I leading my own life right now, and more importantly, how am I making a difference?

Being an effective leader of self is requisite to being an exemplary leader in our professional role. Young and emerging leaders have tremendous opportunity to decide and reflect upon how they live their own lives for the sake of making a difference in the world that they want to be a part of.

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