Before you switch core processing systems

An optimization review can improve core utilization.

Core processors are often equipped with such a wide array of functionality and customization options that credit unions may not be using their systems to full effect. Most vendors offer some form of optimization service, meeting with client institutions’ employees to review how they use the system and to suggest underutilized features and new configurations to improve efficiency.

$390 million Sooper Credit Union, Arvada, Colorado, collaborated with its core provider, CUES Supplier member CUProdigy, Layton, Utah, on an operational review earlier this year—its first since converting to that system in 2015, say Sooper CU CEO and CUES member Dan Kester.

Over three days in January 2019, Sooper CU staff teams from operations, lending, accounting and finance met with CUProdigy representatives to talk through their questions and seek solutions. “We learned some things. They learned some things. It was a great way to … put faces to names and talk about how we’re using the system—to increase efficiency for both sides,” Kester notes. “It was well worth it.”


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