Below-the-radar issues banking execs shouldn’t overlook

While topics like disruption, innovation and personalization dominate discussions at banking conferences, financial marketers say other important issues lurk beneath the surface. These matters rate serious discussions as well, they say, before they become tomorrow's major challenges.

Financial marketers can easily tick off the A-list issues they’re wrestling with. But what’s out there that many bank and credit union leaders aren’t discussing?

We asked attendees of The Financial Brand Forum what subjects aren’t getting enough attention. The range of issues raised was quite varied, but especially interesting was how deeply some executives feel about these issues.

Issue 1: ‘Are We Truly Consumer Champions?’

One of the most sobering comments came from Curt Queyrouze, President at TAB Bank.

“I think the banking industry is too full of hubris,” says Queyrouze. As a result, the industry is not very good at self-awareness. “We champion ourselves as great community players and stewards of financial security, but, in reality, we don’t work all that hard at helping our customers succeed.”


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