Better data protects organizations and employees from insider threats

Government agencies and the defense industrial base are constantly up against insider threats. But with a comprehensive insider threat program, there are ways you can protect your organization, employees and contractors — as discussed in our recent Insider Threat Insight Guide.

Malicious insider threat poses the largest risk
In 2019, employee negligence accounted for the majority of insider threat events. And yet, malicious insider threat events — whose average cost per incident is 40% higher — accounted for 60% of the total average cost for the year. It’s clear that protecting your organization from these threats is vital to keeping your reputation and financial health intact.

Financial security is a crucial risk factor for insider threat
While predicting malicious insider threat is indeed very difficult, recent research applying a critical path method to such incidents identified four key risk factors that precipitate a hostile insider risk act. One of these factors, ‘stressors,’ include personal, professional and financial.


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