Better than ‘traditional marketing channels’ says one credit union

Instead of spending dollars on traditional marketing, one CU is experimenting with a new way to sway consumers—paying them to read their materials.

West Community CU here has begun offering Plinqit—a brandable, savings app owned by startup Ann Arbor, Mich.-based HT Mobile Apps that pays users for engaging with content.

The Plinqit mobile platform is free, simple and easy to use, according to the credit union.

“We chose Plinqit as a better way to introduce ourselves to potential members and to work with existing members rather than relying on traditional marketing channels,” said Koren Greubel, VP of marketing for West Community. “Plinqit has a Build Skills application that pays users for engaging with content by watching a video or reading an article from the Plinqit library. Users take a short quiz and are rewarded for learning more about personal finances, creating higher user engagement.”


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