Between back office and front line: the fatal brand disconnect

If you are the person responsible for your bank or credit union brand, odds are you are in love with it. And why not? You’re the person that has spent tons of time, money and energy on developing, preaching and implementing the brand. It’s your baby, complete with a difficult pregnancy and a painful childbirth.

But, like with children, just because you love your baby doesn’t necessarily mean everyone else thinks your baby is cute. This can also apply to your brand. Marketers and other brand specialists fall in love with their brands because they create, gestate and give birth to them. Very few other people at your bank or credit union can say the same thing.

The fatal disconnect in your brand occurs when other staff (frontline, back office, anybody, really) don’t buy into your brand. Or, even more deadly, they just don’t care.

What are some ways you can help avoid this? Following are a few ideas.

  • Keep your staff fully in the loop when it comes to all things branding. In order to love the brand, they have to understand the brand. And in order to understand the brand, they must hear about it. All the time. Over and over again. Use every opportunity you have to preach the importance of the brand to your staff.
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