Bonding over bikes

Elevations CU supports community with numerous cycling-related events.

Elevations Credit Union is using the bicycle to connect to its Colorado communities.

The $2 billion asset credit union in Boulder, Colo., allocates a portion of its community support to biking-related initiatives.

“Anyone who has visited Colorado knows the importance bicycles play in our outdoor lifestyle, especially in and around the college towns of Boulder and Fort Collins,” says Dennis Paul, Elevations’ vice president of business and community development. “The members and employees of Elevations Credit Union are no exception, with many biking for both recreation and commuting.

Here’s how Elevations promotes Colorado’s bike-friendly communities:

Buffalo Bicycle Classic

Elevations is the title sponsor of the Buffalo Bicycle Classic (BBC), which has raised more than $3.6 million to provide scholarships for more than 400 Colorado University students during the past 15 years.


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