Boost your leadership skills this fall: 5 strategies for success

In Autumn’s cloak of colors, like a pirate in disguise,
It sneaks upon us, robbing focus from our eyes.
We chart our course for New Year’s goals, so clear,
But fall’s distractions hijack, causing us to veer.

The fall season is typically reserved by credit unions to set clear objectives and strategies for the New Year. Only, let’s talk about something that always seems to bubble up: leadership fatigue. During these holiday months your focus must contend with heighten member demand, employee leave and time off, financial reporting, annual performance evaluations and employee reviews, party planning, gift buying and, oh yeah… family needs.

Before the holiday hustle, let’s take a timeout right now to sharpen our leadership skills. Here are five strategies to help credit union leaders like yourself elevate your leadership game.


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