Boosting employee morale while working from home

Hopefully you’re staying in touch with friends and family, as well as your coworkers during this COVID-19 crisis. If you live alone, the last couple of months have probably felt like an eternity. And remember, if you’re struggling during this stay at home period, your employees are feeling it too. So how can you turn things around? If you’re looking for a few ways to boost employee morale during this quarantine period, here are a few ideas to consider…

Remind them of the good they’re doing: Your staff is having to work from home, but at least they’re working. If you feel morale slipping, one surefire way to turn it around is to remind them that not only are they still fortunate enough to work, but they wake up every day with the opportunity to help and encourage members who may be a lot worse off. Members really need their credit union right now and it has to be a great feeling when you can make a difference, no matter how great or small.

Don’t be workaholics: When you’re working from home, it’s really easy to sit at your desk from sunrise until sunset. Hopefully, you’re not doing this too often, but when you can’t be out-and-about, you can burn out fast. Encourage your employees to get out and go for a walk or take time during lunch hours to share a meal with a friend or coworker over FaceTime. Some good laughs are a great remedy for the stuck-at-home blues. Maybe your staff can even watch a show together. Find out if there’s any common titles on your binge list and have a Zoom happy hour every Friday to find out what everybody thought.

Find ways to keep learning: When you’re growing as an employee, you don’t feel like you’re standing still. This work from home period is a great opportunity for you to encourage your employees to find areas where they’d like to grow, and help them find ways to learn online. As your employees’ value grows, so will their morale. Education is a perfect option when there’s not much to do after hours.

John Pettit

John Pettit

John Pettit is the Managing Editor for Web: Details