Bridging success from this year to the next

There is more good news to report for the Defense Credit Union Council! We just won a major concession in the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act. What is even better is that we worked closely with many credit union system partners in achieving this win for our entire industry.

Working as a team and sharing credit for success enables future efforts to succeed. I am truly grateful for all the close coordination in working with Congress to deliver this bipartisan victory. This follows a recent string of success harnessing the same collective power from across our industry.

Reflecting on DCUC’s efforts over the last year, successes like this are important as we continue to improve DCUC’s value proposition. Fundamentally, they are the result of DCUC knowing what we are good at and focusing our efforts accordingly. It is also the result of listening to feedback from our member credit unions, strategic partners, and sometimes even our competitors.

One of the many recommendations we have heard is to share more of what we do for our members with our members, the larger credit union industry, and our external audiences. We have made great strides in getting the DCUC brand into regular trade press articles and on various social media networks, as well as increasing our marketing messages and videos. I am very excited that we continue to evolve and implement new channels and connections to provide valuable content focused on what we are best known for—serving those who serve our country.


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