Bring your social media back to life

Have you noticed your Facebook page has peaked? Your Twitter page isn’t attracting any new followers (except porn/spammers)? Or, is your Pinterest page DOA?

Creating a successful social media campaign and platform is a lot of work and often your vision doesn’t pan out because of a few silly mistakes.

These are the three most common missteps I’ve found that can kill your social media site.

Profile not filled out – Anytime you start a social media project, the absolute number-one item to do is fill out your profile as completely as possible. Leaving a profile blank or partially filled out will result in you and your credit union not properly showing up in searches. What does this mean? PEOPLE CANNOT FIND YOU! Make sure you’re using the proper keywords in your profile as well (you can do some Google Analytics to help with that). Check all of the URLs/links in your profile to make sure they’re not broken. Your profile is the key to everything. Set up properly, things should start falling into place.

Accounts are locked – This one infuriates me! What makes you think this is anywhere close a good idea? You are on social media to connect to people – not lock them out! No one can follow you without submitting your connection for your approval. Would you deal with a company that made you jump through hoops like that? I only follow one locked account (and that’s for work and she’s very nice). And believe me, there is no bigger turn-off for potential new followers to see a locked account. If you’re locking your account then do everyone a favor and delete the account!

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