Building a culture of thanks

I’m a big believer in enjoying each season of the year in its own time. That’s why you won’t see me joining the bizarre ritual of those that put up their Christmas decorations before the Halloween jack o’ lanterns have sputtered their last flickering flame.

Let’s not forget that magical holiday wedged between Halloween and Christmas – Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving and all its trappings. Families together, great food, parades and football. I also enjoy taking time out of what usually is a hectic schedule to give thanks for the many blessings of life. It’s refreshing, rejuvenating and serves the valuable function of focusing my thoughts on the good in life rather than the struggles.

This approach is also valuable in our work environments. At your bank or credit union, do you ever stop to reflect and give thanks for the blessings of your work? I know, it sounds a little corny and might be tough when emails, voicemails, meetings, travel and budgets chew up so much of your time. Pausing to remember the good things about work, instead of grumbling over the bad, helps put it all in better perspective.

Here are a few thankful thoughts to help you get started.

  • Thankful to simply have a job. In this day and this economy, with so much doubt, fear and worry simply having a job that allows one to provide for themselves and their families is a blessing.
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