Building a resilient team

Challenging times reveal a lot about our character. This past year has had its share of challenges, any of which could have defeated us. But – I’m sure like many of you – my team inspired me with their perseverance on a daily basis.

This resiliency – the ability to overcome hard times – takes effort. Sure, some of us might have more of an inclination toward this mental fortitude, but there are ways to develop it. In the workplace, it requires leaders to provide employees with the support they need.

A recent study from ADP Research Institute found that only roughly one-fifth of American workers are “highly resilient.” The study identified three characteristics of resilient workers, and employee engagement expert Amy Leschke-Kahle has some tips to help promote growth in these areas:

  1. Strong sense of agency: Micromanagement is a characteristic of an insecure leader. Great leaders give employees space to do their jobs – without continuously being told what to do or how to do it. Workers with agency feel responsibility over their efforts and outcomes. They strive to perform to the best of their ability. Leaders can help cultivate this agency by providing praise, constructive feedback, and the resources needed to do their jobs well.


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