Bulk emails: New requirements for your credit union

Your credit union is a bulk email sender. Consider all the types of emails that are sent from your credit union directly, or on behalf of your credit union including e-statement notifications, member marketing, password reset, multi-factor authentication, rate change notifications, member-defined alerts, and many more. Even credit unions with modest active member counts can generate ten thousand emails in a month, if not more.

All these emails require active management of your email lists by your team to ensure these messages are compliant with ever-changing internet requirements, or you may soon find that email providers such as Google, Microsoft, and others may choose to actively block your ability to send any emails to recipients on their platforms, and that could be devastating to your business.

What do you need to know?

We all know how email is actively abused by bad actors: phishing attacks, unwanted spam, impersonation, and outright fraud activity are costing organizations big time. So much so, that email providers are stepping in to enforce standards to try to protect their users.


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