Canvas Credit Union says “No B.S.” here

The Colorado credit union has pushed out an edgy campaign that puts a playful touch on the help it’s offering in serious times.

A year into her new job at Canvas Credit Union($2.8B, Lone Tree, CO), Tansley Stearns was sitting in a meeting when a light bulb went off: No more B.S.!

In this case, “B.S.” stands for “bank slang,” and it’s one of three pillars of the credit union’s B.S. Free campaign. With a Super Bowl Sunday TV spot in the Denver, CO, market, Canvas kicked off the campaign that promises no jargon, no hidden fees, and no offering members things they don’t need.

In its ad campaign, the credit union defines B.S. as “generally confusing financial terms that should be avoided” and calls out a commonly used phrase for property mortgage insurance — PMI is typically required if LTV is above 80% — as being rife with it. That kind of talk, the ad promises, is “delightfully absent at Canvas Credit Union.”

The B.S. Free campaign was a culmination of the marketing and other outreach that followed the 80-year-old institution’s re-brand from Public Service Credit Union to Canvas Credit Union.


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