Cards, mergers and finding the talent to keep you running

From the editor

I’m probably not supposed to have favorite issues of CU Management, but this month is definitely in my top 10. Not only do I love the beautiful cover, but the content within these pages is especially strong.

We’ve been talking about how credit unions can make their cards top of wallet for years. But our cover story in this issue dives into some new ways to make your card program stand out. After all, credit unions need to make sure their cards—whether eco-friendly, non-plastic ones or with “buy now, pay later” options—are pulled out first if they are to keep up with the big payments players. Read more in “Is Your Card Top of Wallet?

While you are competing with other financial institutions for your members’ card business, you are also competing with those same institutions, plus many more organizations, for the talent that keeps your CU running. When the pandemic started in 2020, we were in a job seeker’s market. Now, as North America re-opens, we find ourselves back in the same position—that is, with too many open positions to fill.


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