Celebrate the credit union story!

Advocacy News You Can Use

International Credit Union Day is coming up on October 15 this year. This year’s theme is—“Inspiring hope for a global community.” The focus reflects how all credit unions can contribute to a brighter future by providing financial empowerment to people all over the world through financial services, education and support. Many of you are preparing celebrations and numerous events to tell your story and raise awareness about what it means to your members to have access to a financial partner—and how the cooperative model uniquely serves their needs.

I would urge you, however, to consider taking this a step further and invite your regulator to either participate or at least make them aware of your activities on October 15. What many of you have done during the global health crisis this year, helping your communities and addressing the economic uncertainty, is quite remarkable. From an advocacy perspective, by including regulators in your celebrations, it helps connect the dots to why properly tailoring regulations and allowing you to fulfill your potential as a credit union should be the paramount goal of public policy. So please, celebrate your story and include your regulator! It matters!

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